Customized Plans

From an Account Value Plan to a Mortgage Insurance Plan, we customize plans to fit your family needs and your lifestyle. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

Account Value Plan

Providing the best value of all our programs, the Account Value Plan combines life insurance protection with cash inside the policy. This can be your ‘rainy day’ fund, or help pay for future insurance premiums.

Protect your family or business with affordable life insurance that meets your long-term needs, even if your health or financial circumstances change.

Estate Benefit Plan

Use our Estate Benefit Plan to create a better environment for your beneficiaries. You’ll preserve wealth between generations while growing funds to pay estate expenses like probate fees and capital gains taxes.

Simplify the division of your most important assets and make difficult transitions easier.

Life Benefit Plan

Companies large and small constantly seek ways to attract and retain top talent. Funding a Life Benefit Plan for employees can provide an extra edge that sets your company apart, or make an estate buyout possible.

Whether designed to retain members of the senior management team, reward key employees, or fund a buyout requirement with an estate, this plan offers a variety of customizable solutions.

Mortgage Insurance Plan

Protect your family’s future with our Mortgage Insurance Plan. You’ll have the flexibility to seek the best mortgage terms in the market from a variety of institutions without having to change your mortgage insurance.

Your estate can provide both debt protection and income replacement. This term-insurance alternative creates an insurance benefit for your beneficiaries, not the bank.

Tax Advantaged Investment Plan

Smart investment planning should include diversification. Life insurance can offer a tax-advantaged investment alternative for your portfolio.

Funds grow within a unique tax-protected shield that permanent life insurance policies provide. With a flexible contribution schedule, you can shelter additional wealth inside this policy beyond the required base payments.

Adviser Plan

Our Adviser Plan is designed for advisers licensed to provide life insurance products, helping them look after their own families’ needs.

We know how busy life is managing other people’s finances. That’s why we crafted this offering specifically for advisers in our industry. We take care of the administration and underwriting required to secure your own universal life coverage, and you receive associated compensation.


Our capabilities are unmatched in BC, and with our unique expertise, we’ll tailor your Life asset to become the best the industry can offer: valuable, versatile, responsive and affordable.