Ours is...

To make people's lives better, plain and simple. We're able to do this through -

  • Smart Finance

  • Impact/Innovation

  • Helping Women support their families/communities

The Project That Changed Us

A couple of years ago, we partnered with Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through micro-finance to alleviate poverty. Our initial goal was to create $250,000 in small loans to women around the world. We never imagined what was possible...

We've now loaned over $710,000 dollars by April 2019, in support of 2,170 female entrepreneurs in 35 countries.

This project even inspired us to make a short film documenting it all. Watch below!

Acting Locally


This past year we set up an endowed fund with the Bowen Island Community Foundation. The goal of the newly named "Foxglove Fund" is to provide bursaries for preschool on Bowen Island for families who otherwise could not afford it.

Instead of the Bowen Children's Centre needing to fundraise every year for this bursary, having an endowment means that the interest earned on the endowment fund is distributed back instead. Ensuring the sustainability of this cause far into the future. 

That's what we call smart finance!

We'd love to hear about YOUR Why!